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Welcome to the

Italian Business Club



Welcome to the newly incorporated Italian Business Club (IBC) where Italian and Zambian businesses find a place to meet and share their business ideas.


Supported and endorsed by The Embassy of Italy in Zambia, the IBC was founded to achieve the following goals and expectations:


- to strengthen the synergy between Italian and Zambian Companies by offering and exchanging a wide range of high standard products and services within the Club Members and to the society at large.


- to offer a great opportunity for the Italian companies (in Italy) who want to venture to Zambia to find local partners or consultants that have years of experience in the various industries in Zambia and in the SADC region


- to offer an opportunity for the Zambian companies to find partners and do business both in Zambia and Italy


- to promote business opportunities between the Club Members and other  Societies, Chambers of Commerce and other National and International Business Associations, nonetheless to open an official dialogue with Government Institutions promoting the  Made in Italy Culture and Skilled Know-how as an unparalleled resource to attain from.


The Italian Business Club aims to include highly qualified companies and firms across all industries, such as qualified consultants offering registered professional services, corporate members specialised in property development, in the Import/Export food industry, in civil and industrial construction, in the mining and exploration sector, in the Import/Export of Building material and in the automotive Industry, to mention a few.


In these lines The IBC urges all its present and future members, associates and partners to work together for the common goals for this year 2021 and beyond.


Dr. Arch. Michel Scarantino - President

LIAC signing Ceremony.jpg
LAZ Building.jpg

IBC signs MOU as founding member of the LIAC (The Lusaka International Arbitration Centre)

The LAZ House - Lusaka

IBC President Dr Arch Michel Scarantino signs MOU for the formation of the Lusaka International Arbitration Centre (LIAC) as a Company Limited by Guarantee.

Lusaka International Arbitration Centre will be a forum for the resolution and administration of international and domestic commercial arbitrations and other alternative dispute processes in the country

The LIAC launch was blessed at the at Ridgeway Sun Hotel on the 8th of February 2023 in the Presence of the Hon Minister of Justice Mulambo Haimbe, Hon Min of Commerce, Trade and Industry Chipoka Mulenga, the Attorney General Mulilo Kabesha and the Solicitor General Marshal Muchende. 

The signing ceremony took place on the 10th of March 2023 at the Law Association of Zambia house where the LIAC will open its offices.

The MOU was signed by:

The Law Association of Zambia

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Zambia Chapter
Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants

Italian Business Club Association

American Chamber of Commerce in Zambia
Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Zambia Institute of Architects
Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Zambia
Zambia Association of Manufacturers

Engineering Institution of Zambia

Association of Consulting Engineers of Zambia
French Business Circle
Zambia Chamber of Mines
Bankers Association of Zambia

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